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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kuchi Jewelry

Kuchi is a Persian word that means Migratory, it is derived from "Koch"again a Persian word meaning migration. Kuchi is a nomadic tribe of Afghanistan. Kuchi women are very independent and do not clad in "burqa" rather they wear very colorful hand embroidered clothes and hand-made jewelry. This jewelry is called "Kuchi jewelry".

Interestingly in USA, Rachel Brice of Indigo, has promoted Kuchi jewelry. She wears a lot of it during her belly dance performances. (Though Kuchi people, Kuchi jewelry and Afghanistan has nothing to do with belly dance. Belly dance is a Middle Eastern dance, and Afghanistan is in South Asia, but for Rachel it works. Watch Rachel's dance in the video bar on the right side of the page).

On a different note, a warm welcome to Aodhgan Satryiander Merrimac to pasiley curtain.

Kuchi caravan
Kuchi woman 
Kuchi woman carrying water
A Kuchi boy
Young Kuchi girl
Kuchi bracelets
Kuchi anklets
Kuchi choker
Kuchi lapis bracelets
Lapis bracelets
Kuchi turquoise bracelet
Kuchi earrings 
various Kuchi jewelry items
Kuchi dress
Rachel Brice performing
Rachel Brice in Kuchi jewelry

Picture credits: Google etc.


  1. Hello:
    What absolutely beautiful jewellery this is. And what an informative post as, previously, possibly to our shame, we were unaware of the Kuchi people, let alone their fabulous jewels.

    As for the image of Rachel Brice - totally stunning.

  2. It is amazing such beautiful jewelry is made without the help of any high tech equipment by nomads.

    Rachel is the best belly dancer in the US, she also teaches belly dance at Indigo, San Francisco.

  3. Absolutely fascinating! Something that I did not know. The jewellery is absolutely stunning!

  4. I also discovered this recently and wanted to share it with my friends on the blog. Every day we learn something new, don't we.

  5. I have one of the kuchi anklets I found at an antuiqe place and I'm wondering if I paid the right price for it. These are just lovely. Thank you for giving me the propper name for my. Anklet

  6. I find Kuchi jewellery so beautiful. I love learning more about it! Thanks for sharing x

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    you have some amazing jewelry collection and after watching them i want to add some more to my collection thinking about having some kuchi anklets

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  11. By the way rachel brice is super amazing ever seen her slow motion dancing of drum solo in kuchi jewelry superb

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