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Friday, May 18, 2012

A random post

Lately I have been confined to a "resting state" by the doctor's orders. Since did not have many options, have been browsing around the blog and tumblr worlds to keep myself entertained. Here are a few random things to share, please excuse the foul language in some but that is part of the charm.

Have a nice weekend.

My dad told me that when I was 13 but
his language was not that interesting 

Is it about my neighbor's cat is ?

Driving a BMW takes my calm away

As an artist I find it very interesting

 Love Devil Wears Prada. Some time back, I was Andy Sachs
and my boss Miranda Priestly. The same ending :) 

Credits: blogspot, tumblr etc

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

McPherson College Car Show

Last Saturday some friends and two of us drove two hundred miles to represent Mercedes Benz Club of America at the McPherson College 13th annual Car Show, in McPherson, Kansas. McPherson College has world’s only 4 year accredited Bachelors degree program in auto restoration. (Will do a post some time later on our visit to the facilities of McPherson College auto restoration program). The college organizes this car show every year and is very well attended. Most of the emphasis is on Classic American automobiles but foreign classics are also well represented especially Mercedes Benz. Though it was a warm balmy 90 F day, we enjoyed it thoroughly here are some pictures to share the event with you.

Horseless carrige

Fords in a line

1935 Auburn

Most mouth watering Chevy van

Stanley Steamer, the steam car gave rides 

A pink hotrod was not to be missed 

Patina of use and age on the International pickup

Credits: Paisleycurtain.