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Friday, December 16, 2011

Gentlemen of the future

While browsing on the Internet I saw pictures of some very dapper young men. They are all so cute and without doubt gentlemen in making. What do you think? Do any of you see your childhood in them?

Picture credits: tumblr,google etc

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cufflinks please!

We have no more room for furniture in our home and no room for more fine china. So what do you do when you go antiquing?  Buy something small.  I have always loved cufflinks so my antiquing is now turned into “cufflinking” (if there is such a word).  Finding cufflinks at antique stores and at a bargain is the new thrill. The only problem; can’t get that same thrill buying French cuff shirts at Brooks Brothers.

Some of the recent finds (please excuse my photography):

Picture credit: Paisleycurtain.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Last weekend we had a Christmas party, my friends Jim and Sue brought this beautiful Poinsettia for us. It is gorgeous. Lately I see a lot of poinsettias in weird colors. Pale yellow, pale blue, purple and white. I think red Poinsettias are part of Christmas tradition and they look very good in any set up.  I thought, Santa always wears red suit, how would you feel if Santa starts wearing green, pale yellow and purple suits?  

Picture credits; paisleycurtain, google etc.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bloggers Block!

As an artist you get an artist's block, as a writer, you get a writer's block I am suffering from a blogger's block. As Paisley curtain nears it's first anniversary it is ironic to have a block. My artist's block is over and I am constantly painting these days, but now facing the blogger's block. It all started with some health issues specially with my eyes, since I could not use computer during that time, I was not able to post for a few weeks. Now it seems the eyes are very functional but blogger portion of my brain is not. 

Any suggestions?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday window displays

Thanksgiving is just around the corner; holiday season is almost here. Like so many of you, I enjoy holiday window displays of various stores. This year’s windows will not be unveiled till Thanksgiving.  I was looking at some pictures from the past years and thought, why not do a post on these. This will put us in the holiday spirit in advance.

A few Bergdorf Goodman NYC

Macy's NYC

Lord & Taylor

Saks and Tiffany's NYC

Picture credits: google, flikr etc

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Coffee n Cars

Coffee n Cars has been a great success in California, it has reached at a point where hundreds of cars and thousands of car lovers get together each month on a weekend to show and see cars. Keeping that in mind about four months back some car lovers in Oklahoma City have came together and started “Coffee n Cars OKC”.  Every first Saturday of the month, from 8:00 am to 10:00 am car lovers with all kind of cars get together. It is a fun morning to see cars and show cars. From Classic to latest models, muscle cars to dainty cars all are there. A Morris Minor is rubbing shoulders with an Audi R8 Spider and so on. That is not all; people from all age spectrum, gender and social background are there and have fun.

 Today was the fourth Coffee n Cars OKC, it was a chilly morning but it did not deter a lot of car crazy people like me to be there, early in the morning. Here are some pictures to share. I am not a big fan of Hotrods and new cars therefore you will have to forgive me for omitting them. 

A lot of thanks for the concerns and good wishes from my dear blog friends, I am really grateful for that. I am feeling much better and will be posting from now on.
BMW M 635csi
Engine of the M6
Gentleman in the hat (owner of the RR) told the details behind
the purchase of Rolls Royce Silver Seraph
Some of the Porsche Club cars
Firing order of pistons on the engine cover of Lamborghini Diablo
Dodge Viper
 Picture credits: Paisleycurtain.blogspot.com