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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday window displays

Thanksgiving is just around the corner; holiday season is almost here. Like so many of you, I enjoy holiday window displays of various stores. This year’s windows will not be unveiled till Thanksgiving.  I was looking at some pictures from the past years and thought, why not do a post on these. This will put us in the holiday spirit in advance.

A few Bergdorf Goodman NYC

Macy's NYC

Lord & Taylor

Saks and Tiffany's NYC

Picture credits: google, flikr etc


  1. I wish our stores here in Toronto would show some restraint, ours have been up and on display for sometime, as are the windows in Sydney Australia. I do love holiday windows, but they do get a bit much when they are on display in October.

  2. Some of the stores here have the Christmas stuff on the shelves since August :) which is kind of ridiculous, but the window displays come at and after Thanksgiving.