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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid is quite a celebrity, the first female Architect to win Pritzker Prize, Dame Zaha Hadid, DBE is British Architect, famous for her futuristic designs of buildings, boats, furniture, shoes and almost everything I guess. Born in Baghdad, Iraq, “grew up in the first Bauhaus inspired building in Baghdad."(Wikipedia) Educated at American University, Beirut, Lebanon and Architectural Association School of Architecture, London". She is as international as one can be.

 She has taught at prestigious universities around the world, including at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where she was the Kenzo Tange Professorship and the Sullivan Chair at the University of Illinois at Chicago's School of Architecture. She also served as guest professor at the Hochscule fur bildende Kunste Hamburg, Germany, the Knowlton School of Architecture at Ohio State University, the Masters Studio at Columbia University, and Visiting Professor of Architectural Design at the  Yale School of Architecture. From the year 2000 on Dame Zaha Hadid is a guest professor at The University of Applied Arts - Vienna, in the Zaha Hadid Master Class Vertical-Studio. 

Aquatics Center, London-2012 Olympics

Aquatics Center London-interior view

Bridge Pavilion Zaragoza, Spain

Library & Learning Center University of Economics &
Business, Vienna, Austria

Interior view of  University of Vienna, Austria

BMW Central building
Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati 
Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou China
Guangzhou Opera House interior
Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center, Baku

Heydar Aliyev Center, interior
Scotland's Museum of Transportation, Glasgow

Interior view of the Museum of Transportation

Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion

Zany Beko Building, downtown Belgrade

Sheikh Zayed Bridge, UAE

Future/under-construction projects:

New York City High line park, W 28th street Luxury Condo.
National Stadium in Tokyo
Interior concept of National Stadium, Tokyo
Dubai Opera House, Dubai
Birdseye rendering Dubai Opera House

Construction site Dubai Opera
Superyacht for Blohm + Voss

Zaha Hadid and Karl Lagerfeld
Credits: Zaha HAdid Architects, google, wikipedia etc

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chanel Spring 2014!

Chanel's Spring/Summer collection is very different from what we have usually seen at Chanel.

This collection indicates; Karl Lagerfeld has no dearth of ideas and his imagination is still running at a breathtaking speed.


And the Grand Master himself
Picture credits: Chanel, google etc.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

My absence!

Sorry I have not posted anything in the past few weeks, just busy with the routine of life? Here is the summary of my life during past weeks: Had a very busy holiday period with multiple parties that we hosted at our home. My daughter graduated from college in December a semester early, next day of Christmas one of our car got hit (while parked) by a distracted driver, dealing with the insurance turned out to be an ordeal. The car has yet not been fixed, will be at the body shop next week for any number of days. Designed, printed and framed a dozen certificates to honor long term members of our club. Baked extensively, trying to perfect my breads and "Macron", etc. And currently trying to recover from severe case of "Avocado" allergy. (Yes there is such an allergy and very painful one). As per my Doctor now I am officially allergic to all tropical fruits, shell fish, nuts and some other stuff. He thinks it is just a matter of time when I will be allergic to myself :)

I don't have any new year's resolution, because the time is going so fast there is no time to fulfill any resolution. However I will be trying to post more often.... (But I have been regularly reading all your posts on your blogs). Have some new followers of Paisley Curtain during this time, a warm welcome to them.

Best wishes.