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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Apple is fixed

I never realized that without a computer blogger can simply go out of business. (Yes I am not "smart" enough  to post from a "smart" phone).

Thanks to a nice and polite young "Genius"at the Apple store "Genius Bar", my computer is fixed and I am back in business.

Today's post or toast is for "Apple".

Thanks to larry ross, steve langille, google etc for the graphics.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vietnam and Thailand....

Will continue the pictorial tour of some of the colorful Asian countries, with Vietnam and Thailand today. I did not know Vietnam had ethnic minorities. I am glad I started this series of posts, it is quite an education.

Please enjoy. ( A note to Loi, if you find any crazy stuff in the Vietnam section do correct me please).

Con Dao beach

Tran Phu street, Nha Trang, 

Resort on Nha Trang beach

Con Son Kiep Bac Festival

Giong festival

Girls in traditional dresses

Dzao People

H’Mong People
Basket vendor in a street
Child in traditional dress from North Vietnam

You may Kiss the Bride, Vietnamese couple in traditional
wedding dress

People's Committee Building

Saigon at night
Thai Dancer


Poda Island
Trade on the boats
Thai Royal family

Children offering food to Monks

Smiling lady from the Akha Hill-Tribe in Northern Thailand 

Karen Long Neck girl
Wat Mahathat Sukhothai 

Bangkok at night
Picture credits: google etc.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


As the Hyacinths are starting to pop out of the ground, we had snow yesterday. Standing outside my front door I tried to capture through my phone, you may feel dizzy (I apologize for my unsteady hand) but it I think it looks peaceful.