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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Indian summer antiquing.....(part I)

Today, we had wonderful weather in central Oklahoma, after so many cold and dreary days, all of a sudden we are in upper seventies. The afternoon turned out to be beautiful, two of us went out for a drive, but ended up visiting our favorite antique places in town.

First stop was Courtyard Antiques,  it is Steve & Barbara Nix's 6000 sq. ft. wonderland of fine European antiques and accessories. If you think you can't find a "Trumeaux" or an antique "French commode" in Oklahoma, please think again, Steve has so many, you will have a hard time deciding which one to get.

Here are some pictures I took today, but pictures do not justify the amazing collection they have, a visit to Courtyard Antiques is a must. They are located at 3314 S. Broadway Edmond, Oklahoma.

Next week will be on Broadway Antiques, come visit the blog again.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bridal dresses to marry for!

The other day I stumbled upon some pictures of Pakistani and Indian bridal dresses, well I was speechless, these hand embroidered dresses are stunning. If I were a girl, I would marry, just for the sake of getting into one of these dresses..........
"Indian dress"

"Indian dress"
"Pakistani dress"
"Indian dress"
"Pakistani dress"
"Pakistani dress"
"Pakistani dress"
"Pakistani dress"
"Pakistani dress"
"Pakistani dress"
"Pakistani dress"
"Pakistani dress" 
"All jewelry is also from India and Pakistan, so are the models".
(Pictures from various sources, including:Farida passions, Fashion today, Dress Indian etc.)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Country French and Charles Faudree

In our land no one does Country French interiors better than Charles Faudree. It is not only me, but a  lot of people in America, when think of Country French interiors, his is the first name that comes to mind.
Charles interiors are not overbearing or stuffy instead they are very inviting, very lived in and cozy, they are an eye candy.

Charles's Country French Living and French Country Signature are my bed books,  they do the same thing as my other bed book,  Annemarie Schimmel's  Nightingales Under the Snow does, put me in a good, relaxed mood.

He is my favorite Interior designer, and a fellow "OKie", why should not like him :)
Pictures, from Charles's Country French Living, and French Country Signature.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hand knotted rugs, works of art!

Bare floors and bare walls I don't like, they have to have art on them. For both I prefer to have the real stuff. For floor's prefer hand knotted rugs.  I consider hand knotted rugs to be works of art, they can bring life into any room and change the whole outlook. Love them and can't have enough of them. To tell the truth, we have more rugs than have floor space in our home.  I enjoy layering them on each other, it gives an extra rich look. (Katharine Hepburn was very good at layering hand knotted rugs, and so is Ralph Lauren).
 Nain (silk/wool)
In this great country of ours, Persian rugs still cost less than what they cost in Persia itself. The recent embargo on Persian rugs have caused the prices to go up, but they are still within reach. Please buy if you can, they are a good investment too. (Kindly stay away from those fashion inspired, in muted or washed color, get the real vibrant colored ones). After use, they will become more beautiful, like wine, they get more "delicious and precious" as they mature.

Here are some beautiful specimen from my personal collection...
Tabriz (Wool)
Bukhara (Silk/wool)
Traditional and tribal rugs
 Mashhad( Wool)
Antique runner Saveh (Wool)
 Traditional (Wool)
Bukhara (Wool)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It is all about cars today!

For most of the people, cars are just a mode of transportation, but there is a small population that is smitten by cars. I am one of them, sight of a shiny old car on the road makes my heartbeat go up.

Whenever I have an opportunity, I photograph cars, and occasionally  do charcoal sketches and paintings too.  I will share these on this blog time to time.
My painting of a Mercedes 450SL
Mercedes 450SL
Jaguar E type
Jaguar XK140
'52 Mercedes 220

Mini Cooper

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ralph Lauren the interior designer

Ralph is one of my favorite interior designer. I am not crazy about his over priced clothes with over sized horsey logos, but I am crazy about his interiors.  He does magic, layer upon layer, very classy, very classic and timeless.  One thing Ralph Lauren, Katharine Hepburn and myself in common, we all like to layer Persian rugs. Here are some of my favorite pictures from RL's interiors.

RL's Bedford home

RL's Bedford home

RL New York store

RL New York men's store

RL's Bedford home

Pictures courtesy of : RL.com, neo horsey style, vjporium etc.