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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hand knotted rugs, works of art!

Bare floors and bare walls I don't like, they have to have art on them. For both I prefer to have the real stuff. For floor's prefer hand knotted rugs.  I consider hand knotted rugs to be works of art, they can bring life into any room and change the whole outlook. Love them and can't have enough of them. To tell the truth, we have more rugs than have floor space in our home.  I enjoy layering them on each other, it gives an extra rich look. (Katharine Hepburn was very good at layering hand knotted rugs, and so is Ralph Lauren).
 Nain (silk/wool)
In this great country of ours, Persian rugs still cost less than what they cost in Persia itself. The recent embargo on Persian rugs have caused the prices to go up, but they are still within reach. Please buy if you can, they are a good investment too. (Kindly stay away from those fashion inspired, in muted or washed color, get the real vibrant colored ones). After use, they will become more beautiful, like wine, they get more "delicious and precious" as they mature.

Here are some beautiful specimen from my personal collection...
Tabriz (Wool)
Bukhara (Silk/wool)
Traditional and tribal rugs
 Mashhad( Wool)
Antique runner Saveh (Wool)
 Traditional (Wool)
Bukhara (Wool)

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