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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Though we had very interesting winter, early warm spring days followed by a very cold and wet spell, majority of the plants made it through. Poor fig tree had 16 figs growing while still in the garage but lost all the fruit after suffering through the cold spell out on the patio. Roses are doing very good, it was the first year my wisteria flowered. The fight with moles and gophers continues, hundred plus tulip and hyacinth planted last fall did not survive to bloom. But overall it is not bad so far. My Greek Oregano patch is back, it has done so well over the last six years. I had cut the small plastic pot from the bottom and stuck it in the dirt. Since then, very year I harvest a lot of oregano. Whatever is left after distribution to friends and neighbors, I hang in bunches in the kitchen to dry out. It lasts all winter. Here are a few pictures I took the other day of the patio area. Enjoy!

Trusty Greek Oregano 

English Ivy and Peonies