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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Innocent Smiles

This post is dedicated to the new born daughter of our blogger friend Mike of Inner City Style. Mike and his wife are proud parents of a daughter. Congratulations!  His absence from the blog world is an indication; some one is enjoying sleepless nights :)

Innocent smiles of babies and young children can melt hearts in an instant. Here are some heartwarming smiles.

As a child, I was very sure once a grown up I would be able to do what ever I would want and however I would like, my parents won't be able to say "don't do this"..  It only dawned much later that how wrong I was :) recently saw this picture, how true it is...

credits: google, tumblr, paisleycurtain etc

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ralph Lauren Alpine and RLH

Nothing exciting has happened in this part of the world, except for the summer heat that we endured for three weeks. Desert like weather with record breaking temperatures reaching 113 f (45 c).
After rains it is pleasant and normal life is returning.

I was browsing the new home collections by Ralph Lauren and find these two: Alpine and RLH worth sharing.



credits: RL, google etc.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Helga Pictures

Yesterday at one of my favorite antique stores I ended up finding a copy of 1st edition “The Helga Pictures”. Also in the book was a small leaflet from the 1987 exhibition of Helga Pictures at the National Gallery of Art as an added bonus. I have been looking for a copy for many years and am glad to have finally found one.

Andrew Wyeth is as American as Coca Cola but he is not at all generic, he was a unique person and a unique artist. His art is very mystical; one can spend a whole day looking at just one of his watercolors.

How often does an artist use a model for fifteen years and that also with out a third person knowing about it. And then keeping those 240 or so, works of art, hidden from any other human being during that period. This fact itself is so amazing that it adds so much more depth to the “The Helga Pictures”.

My copy of "The Helga Pictures"

The leaflet that was in the book

Andrew wyeth

1987 Time Magazine with Helga




Drawn Shade

A close up from Drawn Shade



On her knees

study for "on her knees"

Helga Testorf in 2006

Andrew Wyeth in front of one of Helga painting at
the National Galley of Art

Credits: google, paisleycurtain, brandywine museum etc.