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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Tweed Run-NYC

New York City on October 15th 2011 had the first Tweed Run, organized by Ralph Lauren’s Rugby offshoot. The event held in the West Village was a hit. With live music, tea and biscuits (cookies as we call in America) and grooming for the gentlemen by Murdock Barbers. If you are a tweed fan like I am, you will enjoy this.

Bill Cunningham was there too

The musicians were dressed in Tweed too

Tweed, tea cup fair isle vest all to die for

Picture credits: rugby.com, from me to you, guerreisms, hollister hovey, google etc.


  1. O How LOVELY happening!!! my tweed jacket would be perfect fro this event! absolutely thrilling! and i love those teapots!!!! !!!!!!! especially that one whit the persons in it..

  2. What a fabulous event! I being a lover of tweed wish I was there. Maybe next year!

  3. Hello:
    How strangely English all of this looks. Such fun, we are sure that we should have loved to have been there. We have never heard of this before but the participants seem to have a seasoned look about them, so we are surprised to read that this was the first occasion for the 'Tweed Run'. Perhaps it will now have a regular slot in the NYC calendar?

  4. Yes it was the first Tweed Run of New York City, and was a huge success . I think it is going to be an annual event from now on. :) They had one in London too, Jane and Lance you can check when it will happen next.

  5. Hello,

    How fun and so English? I'm sure that must be great to been there. Great post!