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Monday, April 2, 2012

Restoration Hardware Deconstructs

On Saturday got my Restoration Hardware spring 2012 catalog. Out of all the new things I find the “Deconstructed collection” very interesting. I may not want to have a room full of Deconstructed furniture but I think one or two pieces will create a lot of interest by deconstructing a formal atmosphere.

Credits: Restoration hardware


  1. Hello:
    Like you, we find this a most interesting idea but faced with one, or more, pieces of deconstructed furniture to be placed in one of our apartments, we should probably have difficulty deciding exactly where. Perhaps a very modern, minimalist environment might suit.

  2. Greetings, Jane and Lance. interesting they are but they need a different kind of environment for placement.

  3. I think this line is very clever, all the pieces are have wide appeal in their classic lines and the photo shoot was beautifully handled!

  4. Thanks for visiting Paisleycurtain. You are absolutely right about this collection.