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Friday, May 17, 2013

Re-upholstering an antique chair...

I have this antique chair for quite some time but never had a chance to get it fixed. Though the upholstery was in very good shape but was dated and did not go with anything in any room.
Few days back got this idea to re-upholster myself. I have done some simple ones before but nothing like it. I am glad in two days time I was able to do it. (Aching knees and numb fingers are another story). :) I am full of respect and admiration for the artisans who made this beautiful furniture originally, and for those who restore and fix them so we and the generations to come can enjoy them. It is serious work.

The fabric I chose was leftover moss green velvet, for the back used a piece of left over striped upholstery fabric. I recycled all the nail-heads, had to straighten half of them but it was worth the effort. Added new batting and other material where needed. The chair has been through numerous re-upholstery jobs before, the battle marks in the form of tack/ nail holes and old brass staples were the witness. (I did not have my camera handy, these pictures are from my phone think they are not bad.) What do you say?

removal of old upholstery in progress

Battle scars
Work in progress

All done


  1. Bravo good job!! A wonderful chair! Would you like to upholster my dining chair seats?

    Art by Karena

  2. Of course I will, no kidding, KC is just 5 hours away :)

  3. Looks wonderful! That new fabric is perfect with your handsome chair. Congrats on a job well done :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Loi, it means a lot as it is coming from and antiques expert.