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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shelter for abused Mercedes!

I love cars, I love European cars more, I love German cars most, however I adore old Mercedes cars. If I have the money and space, I would set up a Mercedes shelter, where all abused old Mercedes cars will be placed after rescue.
Don't want this to happen to a dear MB (My painting of a 220SE)

In California, Mercedes Motoring is doing something like that, they are getting good old diesel Mercedes cars, fixing them and reselling. I am posting some of Mercedes Motoring car pictures in this post along with some that I took, or painted. These cars are more than cars, they are works of art.  As they age, like wine, they not only appreciate in value, but taste and feel better too.

1979 MB 300TD by Mercedes Motoring
1982 MB 300D by Mercedes Motoring
1979 MB 240D by Mercedes Motoring
1985 MB 300D by  Mercedes Motoring

MK's 1976 MB 450SL
MK's 1994 MB E320 wagon
My painting of MB 560SL
Picture credits: www.Mercedesmotoring.com, and MK

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  1. Driving these cars is like driving in style. The seats and overall interior will take you back to the good old days. And the engines are priceless. You don't need to worry when driving on highways 'coz these cars still run smoothly. The vintage convertible is also a crowd favorite, and you will definitely turn heads with that.