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Monday, February 14, 2011

Turquoise socks! Happy Valentine’s Day

I was looking into my socks drawer this morning and discovered my turquoise pair of socks I bought a month back.  The artist inside, forced me to buy the socks, but later I realized the socks were too loud for me to wear. But I decided to keep them as a souvenir. 
After I saw the socks this morning, I went on the internet to see how wild one could get with men’s socks. I am happy to report it depends on how wild you want to get! 

In the recent future, on a nice sunny day I am going to put my turquoise socks on, along with my Ralph Lauren tartan canvas shoes.
Though 4 year old, these shoes still get compliments
Put on your pink socks, ladies and gentleman and celebrate Valentine’s day!
  Picture credits: Happy Socks, Jina Karin, Topman, Tons of socks, Joules, Duchamp, GD Family, ebay, Loud mouth etc.

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