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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Colorful June AD

Iris Apfel's apartment
June 2011 issue of my Architectural Digest has been sitting on my table for almost a month, buried under a pile of papers. It was only yesterday I discovered the magazine and went through it, what a pleasure. Since the arrival of Margaret Russell the magazine has freshened up, no doubt at all.

The medley of color in the June issue starts at the Osbourne's LA home, continuing through Manhattan apartment by David Kleinberg , Connecticut house by Alexa Hampton, peaks at Iris Apfel's Manhattan apartment.

Apfel is an icon, her apartment is iconic too, who else can get away with so much color?  

Osbourne's home by designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard
Living room
Sitting area 
Central atrium
Manhattan apartment by David Kleinberg
Family room
Family room from a different angle
Connecticut home by Alexa Hampton
Living room 
Family room
Iris Apfel's Manhattan apartment
Apfel in her living room

Picture credits: Architectural Digest

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