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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wonder Boys

Wonder boys is an awesome movie (my opinion), one of my favorite. Though it had a star studded cast that included Michael Douglas, the movie was a box office flop when released in 2000. Various factors including our "intellectual health" may have contributed towards the box office failure. Is box office success the only yard stick to judge the quality of a movie?

Movie is based on Michael Chabon's book "Wonder Boys". Directed by Curtis Hanson, filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on location, including locations at Carnegie Mellon and Chatham Universities.

Initially Paramount Pictures did not want to make this movie, however when Michael Douglas came onboard and agreed to work for a very low compensation, it was then Paramount decided to go ahead.

The sound track includes 5 of Bob Dylan songs, with one new composition "Things have changed" that Dylan did for the film. 

Cast included: 
Michael Douglas as Prof. Grady Tripp
Toby Maguire as James Leer
Robert Downey Jr. as Terry Crabtree
Frances McDormand as Chancellor Sara Gaskell
Katie Holmes as Hannah Green
Rip Torn as Quentin "Q"
Richard Thomas as Walter Gaskell
Jane Adams as Oola
Alan Tudyk as Sam Traxler
Michael Cavadias as Miss Antonia Tony Sloviak
In spite of the box office failure the Film was nominated for  Grammy, Teen Choice, Golden Globes, Academy, Art Directors Guild, BAFTA, Broadcast Film Critics Association and various other awards and won multiple of these as well.

Professor Tripp reminds me of my English professor, may be some of you might have had some one like him too. 
Sara Gaskell: So. I guess we just divorce our spouses, marry each other, and have this baby, right? Simple. 
Hannah Green: Where should I put him?
Grady Tripp: In the shape that he's in, you could stand him up in the garage next to the snow shovels and he'd be all right
James Leer: You're not like my other teachers, Professor Tripp.
Grady Tripp: You're not like my other students, James. 
Terry Crabtree: The Love Parade... I've got a feeling about this, Tripp. I feel this kid in my bones.
Grady Tripp: ONLY in your bones? 
Sara Gaskell: You didn't happen to call our house last night, did you?
Grady Tripp: I think I might have, yes.
Sara Gaskell: What do you think you might have said? 
James Leer: No offence, Professor Tripp, but you look kinda crappy
Vernon Hardapple: Man, that musta been one nutty book
Grady Tripp: Sometimes, people just need to be rescued
Credits: Google,imdb, wonderboys.com etc


  1. this movie was filmed on carnegie mellon campus in fall 98 / spring 99 when I was a freshman and I remember very well how the movie crew had taken over campus! it was very confusing for a freshman because new 'nameplates' were put up for the buildings (which were different in the buildings) such as the fine arts building subsituting as the library in the film. Fake trees were also 'planted' around campus so everyday - trees would be in different locations! Also - right before graduation in late april - campus was covered with a dusting of fake 'snow' over night....bizarre!

  2. I love that movie and have seen it many times. I have read all of Michael Chabon, he's terrific. I found you through ArchitectDesign, and will read on, with the exception of cars--I don't get them.

  3. :) ArchitectDesign it is so interesting to know that you witnessed the filming first hand. I know it was a mild winter so they had to put a lot of fake snow.

    After I posted this post had to run because of tornadoes in OKC area. Thank God we survived without any damage, still trying to contact a few friends.

  4. dovecote decor welcome to Paisley curtain. I am glad you found my blog, and hope you will enjoy it. As far as cars are concerned just ignore them :)
    I too enjoy watching Wonder Boys again and again.

  5. In Wonder Boys he played Marijuana Smoking burnt out writer. In any lesser hands the role would have ended as a bundle of clichés. However, Douglas was so alive to the nuances that he decided to convey, it became a powerful display of screen magnetism without any accompanied flamboyance. His diction and quality of voice has the gruff hypnotic quality that lures and overpowers. He conveyed the confusion, anguish and total helplessness with a relish that lent life to the character.

  6. Thanks for your comments, you sure have observed Michael's character(Prof. Tripp) very deeply.