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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kansas City Fountains

No other city in the country has more fountains than Kansas City, well it is the City of Fountains.

Interestingly while living in Kansas City I never paid much attention to these fountains, but now when I visit Kansas City, I like to spend time at these fountains, specially ones in the Country Club Plaza. 

Country Club plaza is the first shopping center in the world designed for the shoppers arriving by cars. It was built in 1922 by J C Nichols. The architectural  design is that of Seville, Spain. Today's post, is on Kansas City Plaza and the fountains.     
Diana and Cherub Fountain
Sea Sirens Fountain
Neptune Fountain
Pomona Fountain
Cat Fountain
This is the most interesting fountain, called the Frog Fountain. Seems the boy is urinating on the frog, but it is the frog that is squirting water on the boy
Fountain of Bacchus 

Credits: google, wikipedia etc


  1. This is a great selection. Sydney Australia also has a copy of the boar fountain!

  2. That is interesting, I did not know about that.
    David welcome to paisley Curtain, hope you will keep enjoying the posts in the future. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

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