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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

125th Anniversary of Automobile (2)

Ford model T
In 1914, Henry Ford expanded the large scale production technique of Olds, and brought the Ford model T, a car for the masses. This was a big revolution in the automobile industry.

Apart from the gasoline engine, in Germany in 1882, Rudolf Diesel got a patent for compression ignition engine (called after him, Diesel engine). He built the first Diesel engine five years later. However in cars, Diesel engine started to become popular by 1930s. Today, 50% of new cars in Europe have Diesel engines.

Henry Ford
Rudolf Diesel
Rudolf's patent for Diesel engine
A motor cab in London c. 1897
Benz Velo
Thomas Edison with electric car 1913
Electric cars have been in existence before the internal combustion engine, actually they held the high speed records, but after the popularity of internal combustion engine, lost charm, until now, but we still lack the infrastructure for electric cars.
                                         Some early automobile print ads

An early advertisement of American Mercedes
Daimler truck advertisement c.1905-10

Credits: Google, wikipedia, daimler ag, etc


  1. These relatively affordable cars really changed everything in the U.S. I recently spoke with the owners of a 1918 house who were so excited about their "carriage house" outbuilding; I am afraid they were unnecessarily disappointed to learn it was built as a garage however.

  2. Sure they did. They say the cars helped clean up NY City big time, before that horses made a big mess. Your friends should not be disappointed, who knows what all great cars had been housed in that garage or carriage house.