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Monday, July 25, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld, the Renaissance man

Karl needs no introduction he is a Fashion designer, photographer, artist, intellectual and much more. He is a Renaissance man.

He has an intriguing personality, and all intriguing people fascinate me, may be, because I am intriguing too, though not at Karl’s level.

In the next few posts will try to explore Karl Lagerfeld. He fascinates me more as a person, than as a fashion designer. His intellectual abilities are so amazing; I don’t think any other fashion designer even comes halfway close.

Here is Karl Lagerfeld. 

Karl the child
KL and YSL
with Piaggi
At the gym
weight problems?
Karl after diet!
Luxury is nothing but a burden. KL
Zaha Hadid and KL

Karl Lagerfeld the fashion designer:

Picture credits: google etc


  1. He is truly fascintaing! He must have the most amazing mind! looking forward to the rest of the posts

  2. Hello:
    Intriguing, certainly,talented, definitely,stylish, goes without saying, a master of his art. How beautifully you have presented this introduction to Karl Lagerfeld with promises of more treats to come. We have only just discovered you via the delightful Gervais and we shall look forward to many happy returns!

  3. Dear Jane and Lance welcome to Paisley Curtain. This blog world is very interesting, it is helping all like minded people to come closer. There are no boundaries, no barriers it is just a vast sea of similar minds.

    Karl Lagerfeld is an institution, I truly believe he is a Renaissance Man. He can't be covered in just one post, I think it will take much more than that.