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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Demilune Tables

While looking for a demilune table I realized there was not much available if one wants to buy a new one. Through Istdibs, I discovered that in case of antique and vintage pieces it is the opposite. May be demilune tables have gone out of fashion therefore furniture companies are not making that many? Since I have not posted anything for more than a week, I will do this post on demilune tables and share some interesting specimens with my blog friends.

19th century glazed plaster demilune with faux marble top
Side profile of the glazed plaster demilune
Art deco Egyptian revival 
20th century Ostrich leg metal demilune pair
American carved-gilded c.1930
Painted demilune commode, French c1900
18th century Italian 
Maison Jansen demilune from Argentina c.1930
18th century Italian
Painted/gilded French c.1910
Detail of a c.1910 English Chinoiserie demilune
Maison Jansen c.1943 
Russian Neo-classical marble top, c.1890
English Renaissance revival
Neo Classical Italian Eagle Parcel Gilt & Mahogany c.1820
The only new ones that I could find:
Bernhardt demilune
Marge Carson demilune

Picture credits: 1stdibs, bernhardt, marge carson, google etc.


  1. Hello:
    We should have no difficulty at all placing any one of these wonderful demilunes, but, given a free choice and money no object we should plump for the C18 Italian with marble top.

    We had not considered this before but think you must be right about the modern day demilunes. Versatile and compact, we have no idea why they should have fallen from favour but perhaps it is time for you to lead the revival?!!!

  2. I had no idea this is what they were called. I actually have one my great uncle made over 80 years ago in the Queen Anne style! Many thanks for this post!

  3. Jane and Lance your choice shows you have a very fine taste.
    I don't know if I can do the revival of demilune tables :) I have sold some vintage and antique demilune tables when I had my store, but not many. I have a few at home that we use in a narrow hallway and in two bathrooms, and they work very well.

  4. David you are lucky to have an antique demilune that was made by your great uncle. None of my great uncles leave any thing for me :)

  5. I love each of this table! great design :) i have something for you in my blog ;)

  6. akissfromthepast, these demilune tables/consoles are great. Thank you for the nice surprise :)