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Monday, September 26, 2011

Pocket Squares

I hear pocket squares are back in “fashion”. I don’t know if it is good for the pocket square for fashion itself or for you and me. However if you are in market to buy pocket squares, you are in luck. There is a pocket square heaven out there. You have so much choice you will have hard time deciding which ones to buy and which ones to leave.

Sources for these pocket squares: thetiebar.com, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, pretentiouspocket, ben silver etc.

picture credits: google,thetiebar.com, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, pretentiouspocket, ben silver etc


  1. Hello:
    These are all such great fun. Wonderful in the way of pattern, colour and design and an excellent way of giving a little bit of a lift to what might perhaps be seen, as far as more formal wear is concerned, as dull clothing.

  2. Jane and Lance, I agree with you that the pocket square enhances a rather dull looking attire. I personally feel jacket to be bare without the pocket square. It serves like a piece of jewelry for us men :)

  3. Great, You have a very unique collection of pocket squares which help me to buy pocket square online for my hubby.