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Monday, February 20, 2012


Over the weekend went out with friends for dinner. On our way back, they invited us to have tea at their house. She was excited to use a new teapot she had purchased around Christmas that she had not been able to use since.  It was a very pretty teapot indeed and the joy of having tea was doubled. This brings to today’s post “ Teapots”.

In my parents home they still brew and serve their tea in a teapot. The teapot is covered with a tea-cozy. Especially the afternoon tea is a very formal affair. However it seems in past few decades we have drifted away from some simple pleasures and traditions of life. This may be because of fast pace of our lives or because of more casual lifestyles or the amalgamation of the world into a big homogenous “pot” of people, where a lot of traditions have melted away.

We have decided that from now onwards we are going to serve tea out of a teapot instead of serving from the electric tea maker. This may happen only over the weekends but it will be worth it. It does not hurt to bring some simple pleasures back in life, why not have my Twining’s out of a beautiful teapot. Pretty teapot to sooth the eyes and the tea out of it to soothe the palette. (This will give the collector/hoarder inside me an excuse to collect some nice teapots, not bad isn’t it?)

Now who would mind to have their tea poured out of these following teapots?

 Salt-glaze Stoneware Camel Teapot-1std

18th Century English Neoclassical Black Basalt Teapot

Silver-plate tea and coffee serving

19th c. English teapot

19th c. English teapot

19th c. English teapot

chinese export famille rose teapot

Monumental Tea Pot

Wedgwood Encaustic Decorated Basalt Teapot

jasper teapot

Whieldon School Hexagonal Teapot With Oriental Figures

Picture credits: one kings lane, 1stdibs paisleycurtain etc.


  1. i prefer teapots! i love this pots you have show here! expecially the number 1, 2, 5,6, 8 and the last 2 :D
    I havent found a perfect teapot yet, but for coffee i have one or two.. but teapot should be something extra fine and dandy and unexpected as these yours.

    have a great day!

  2. Thanks a kissfromthepast, you are right a teapot has to be extra fine and extra ordinary. Nicer the teapot more joy you get :)

  3. Nice post!
    I used to drink loads of coffee in the office, but switched to tea a few months ago (Twinings English Breakfast). It's way better for my stomach. I definitely need one of those teapots!

  4. A teapot is really useful because instead of a nasty teabag you can use loose leaf tea and a strainer. You only need a heavy teaspoon of the loose tea to make an entire pot which then you can either share or nurse throughout the day (ice tea?). I have a few: an old english one that was my great-grandmothers, a plain white martha stewart for macys one that I use nearly everyday and my 'good' teapot which is wedgwood in my favorite pattern "cuckoo" to match some of my china.

  5. I agree with the tea bag issue. It is said the lowest quality of tea goes into the tea bags. By making your tea in a teapot, you not only enjoy the esthetics of the tea pot but get to enjoy the best quality loose tea as well.