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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jacob Collins

Self portrait
Jacob Collins is one of my favorite contemporary artists. He paints in the centuries old classical style. Declared a “Living Master” by ARC (Art Renewal Center) and one of the most powerful people of the art world by Art and Auction magazine.

Jacob is married to Ann Brashares, author of “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” series. He runs Water Street Atelier, a school of classical painting, in New York.

Seated nude (oil on canvas)
Reclining nude (oil on canvas)


Green onions

Attributes of the art

Roquefort cheese (oil on canvas)
Jas (oil on canvas)
Working on a sculpture

Michael   (oil on canvas)

Anna Nina by Collins

One of the studios at his Atelier

Jacob Collins with wife Ann Brashares
Credits: google,ARC etc


  1. Hello:
    thank you so much for this delightful introduction into the life and work of Jacob Collins, an artist about whom we knew nothing previously. Clearly the work you show here is more than merely realistic. It shows a confidence in handling light, shade, colour and form which is remarkable. This serves to make the viewer believe that one can see an inner spirit of the subject, thus transforming the merely 'photographic' into a work of art. Clearly, an immensely talented man.

  2. Absolutely Jane and Lance, he is an extremely talented artist. There is so much life in his work.

  3. Hello,

    Thanks for show the work of this superbe work, this is really remarkable...


  4. You are welcome jerome. He is a great artist of our times.