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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hyacinth, bow tie and a sunny weekend

It seems spring has arrived early this year, Hyacinths are already in bloom. Temperatures are in 70s for the last few days. We had a wonderful weekend, though my better half and I had plans for a low-key weekend but it turned out to be otherwise. However I still managed to spend some quality time in my garage. Got my new bow tie and Pocket Square in Saturday mail that I ordered a week back. On Sunday chickened out at the last minute from watching “A Separation” the best foreign film Oscar winning Iranian movie. It was such a beautiful day it was a crime to sit in a theatre for two hours.  Instead drove my yellow SL that has been sitting in the garage for some time and was begging to see some sunshine.

Hyacinth in the yard

"The Pocket square"

"The bow tie"

"The Yellow car"
credits: paisleycurtain


  1. Hello:
    We certainly could not have resisted an outing in such a magnificent motor car, the very colour of which is so suggestive of spring and the warmth of the sun. Here we have had days of wall to wall blue skies but, alas, the temperature has been only a few degrees above 0C. Indeed a planned trip today was postponed on account of the cold.

    The hyacinths which you picture look lovely and, we imagine, are wonderfully scented. You have prompted us to have some in pots for the house.

  2. Jane and Lance thanks for your kind comments, you got the point, an afternoon of 21C with no wind and blue skies one would surely be tempted to drive. As for Hyacinths they smell great, I cut a few stems and place in vases at different locations in the house. It is amazing what they do.

    Best wishes