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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana have recently shown their future collections (2012/2013), and these are stunning. Colors of the spring collection and gold embroidery on the fall/winter collection are breathtaking.

Most of us may not wear these clothes but they are a pleasure just to look at and inspiration for artistic minds.

Credits; D&G, google etc.


  1. I wish I were brave enough! haha Not in DC! Maybe in New York....

  2. ArchitectDesign, may be it is time to be brave :) I can try one of these embroidered jackets I can get one for you too :)

  3. Hello:
    Oh, so Baroque!We love the drama of it all! Actually, many of these pieces seem eminently wearable. The decorative finish on the men's jackets and coats remind us very much of the designs seen on Hungarian military dress.

  4. Jane and Lance it is interesting to know that Hungarian military dresses used to have such an elaborate finish. I discovered that this D&G embroidered coats and tunics probably are inspired by the Indian/Pakistani wedding dresses for men :)

  5. Adore, the men's jackets are stunning works of art!!

    Art by Karena