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Monday, June 4, 2012

Project Backyard

one of the Inspiration picture
I apologize for the lack of posts this summer. May has been a busy month with too much going on from business and social events to cars shows and natural disasters.
Some good things happened and some not so good. My 1976 Mercedes 450SL won the best in it’s class on the annual Mercedes/Jaguar Concours d Elegance, here in May. I got some good news on my health front and got some property damage, courtesy mother nature. However I am hopeful will be more regular on the blog front now.

2 years back one afternoon it rained at the rate of 3 inches an hour, followed by flood from the adjacent golf course that took most of our landscaping in the backyard. The bushes and plants the raised beds all washed away.

Since then we have been thinking what to do. Finally we decided to extend the patio, add a wood burning pizza oven a privacy fence to make a courtyard kind of feel. The project started in the end of April and is still going on because the general contractor has too many projects on his hands and delays caused by weather. Last week’s hailstorm and windstorm have put further brakes as we have roof damage caused by hail, wind and a fallen tree. 

So far we have gone through this:

Unfortunately a tree had to go to keep everything centered

Form for the extension of the concrete patio

After the concrete is poured

6x6 posts were fixed in concrete for the 10ft tall custom fence

Pizza oven is finished by the masonry crew

Small fire just to check everything works, fence is up trees
are trimmed bringing in more light and sun

Wind and hail storm, tree split and damaged the roof

Oven is painted, stain on the fence in progress

The oven will get antiqued finish and an antiqued copper cap

For the sake of fun painted my family coat of arms on the front
it is a work in progress
Stain on the fence will be finished today (hopefully), then concrete will get acid stain and the plants and honey suckle wines will go in along with other final touches. Heavy digging equipment has damaged the grass that will need some attention too along with some plants and bushes that got killed or damaged.

Will keep you posted on the progress.

Pictures: paisleycurtain


  1. this is wonderful! this is going to be greatness!
    i lovet his kind of backyards! :)

  2. Thanks, we too are hoping it to turn out good, at least the money's worth.

  3. Congrats on the Best In Class!! I'm sure it was a terrific event..

    The terrace is looking beautiful, my kind of space!


    Art by Karena

  4. Thanks Karena, you are just a 5 hour drive away, you are invited to visit and enjoy the space with us.

    Best wishes

  5. Good job!

    And great to learn that you are alive and kicking!

    Düsseldorf: 11°C. Rain. Yuck!

  6. Mike thank you, I am kicking very hard :) Yesterday the crew came and worked all day and finally finished the stain on the fence and potting soil in the bed. It is raining today so more delays :)

  7. I guess it wasn’t the perfect time for you to renovate your backyard. The weather seemed to be unpredictable, and you didn’t expect this kind of result. Well, it’s just good that you haven’t done a lot of development yet. Your time, money, and effort will be put into waste if the backyard gets destroyed by the hail storm. How was your roof, by the way? I hope the damage wasn’t severe.