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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gant, Fall/winter 2012 collection

It was the labor day weekend, hence a long weekend. But again it got very hot, 104F (40C). (Yes in America we do Labor day in September instead of May).

Because of the heat we decided to stay home, did some gardening projects, washed the cars, browsed the internet and watched movies.

While browsing the net, I explored Fall/Winter 2012 collections of various designers and clothiers. Here are a few pictures from the Gant fall/winter collection.

Credits: Gant etc.


  1. Hello:
    It always seems strange to us to call a holiday 'Labour Day' when clearly nothing resembling work is being expected to be done at all!! Still, we do hope that you had a relaxing time, free from any form of hard labour at all, although the gardening sounds a bit on the seriously exerting side!

    The Gant collection looks rather sombre to us, but we do like the red trousers. Now, surely that would brighten up even the dreariest of Autumn/Winter days. But, as for an orange coat.......oh no, Satsumas are only for eating!!

    1. You are absolutely right, we celebrate labor day by not working! Well it is a holiday that is purely political :) I think.

      The red trousers are great, actually this summer ended up buying a pair of red shorts exactly the same shade as these trousers, and have had fun wearing those.

  2. I'm so looking forward to wearing autumn clothing. I love tweeds, sweaters, cords and wool. This collection from Gant is quite classic and sporty. Very good looking. Can't wait for chillier days and nights :)

  3. Exactly my sentiments too :) enough of summer heat. Cords are my favorite, that is what I wear the most from fall to spring, can't get enough of it.

  4. It's pretty strange, to think about fall when sweat is running like rivers :-)

    I like Gant, even if they put their logo on nearly everything. Some pics are very nice, but I don't like popped up jacket collars or a vest over jacket.

    Some of that stuff I'd buy rightaway. If Gant wouldn't be that expensive in Germany :-)

  5. Well it is pretty expensive here too. They try to promote their products to college kids, well most of them can't afford a $100.00 shirt :) it is the parents who pay for it, or the credit card loan.

    That logo problem is getting out of hand, every one has a logo on the chest, now Polo horse is growing in size and on some shirts it is half a foot tall :) If I pay $150.00 for a T shirt, I want my initials on it not the designer's. :)

  6. i like the blue coat :)
    i got somethign for you in my blog ;)