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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed is hand-woven in the Scottish Isles of Lewis and Harris, Barra and Uist. During 1846-7 Highland potato famine, Countess of Dunmore played a big role in promoting and developing Harris Tweed as a sustainable local industry.  

Tweed has traveled a long way. Tweed started as “tweel” Scots for twill. Story goes that round1830 a London Merchant misread tweel for tweed, and 182 years later it is still Tweed popular than ever.

Ballalan village, isle of Lewis

Sheep shearing by hand

Loading dye vat by hand

A loom circa 1960

Color samples


Dr. Who in tweed

Credits: The Harris tweed authority, google etc.


  1. Hello:
    It is, as you show here, amazing how far Harris Tweed has come in a relatively short period of time to cover or be included in so many items of dress. Its appeal is perhaps that it is, and remains, understated within the world of fashion.

    We leave shortly for Venice, wet and watery, we think, where we will be without the internet and so will be out of touch for a while. We will look forward to catching up on our return.

    1. Who would have thought in 1830 that 2 centuries later a shoe company named Nike will be making sneakers with Harris Tweed :) It sure is a long journey.

      Enjoy your trip to Venice, Bon voyage.

  2. Excellent post, my friend. Well done!

  3. Thanks. I know you too are fan of Tweed :-)

  4. tweed is greatness :)
    is everything well there too? hopefully you didnt live in the hurricane area!
    i had a little break of blogging after having so meny dedlines in my studies.. :D but now sooner or later back in business!

  5. I love tweed, and look forward to wearing it each autumn. Fortunately I'm not allergic to wool....none of my sisters can wear it. That Nike tweed shoe is uber cool!
    Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving!

  6. are these products available in INDIA

  7. i want that nike tweed shoes any cost :)