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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Max Ginsburg

Self Portrait

 I have great appreciation for the work of American contemporary artist, Max Ginsburg. Born in Paris, France and educated in New York, Max has portrayed American social and political issues for more than four decades. But his still life paintings are no less forceful than the ones on social /political issues.   

Mr. Ginsburg lives in New York and is currently represented by Gallery Henoch of New York, NY and Cavalier Galleries of Greenwich, Connecticut.
Hope you will enjoy some of his work here.

Self portrait 1969

Going shopping-1975

Instant Coffee-1976

Chicken Soup-1979

79th & Broadway-1979

Don't walk


Meier's Upholsterers

Two Worlds-2003

Blind Beggar-2006

The Discussion-2007


Unemployed online-2013

Picture credits: Max Ginsburg
To see more of Max Ginsburg work please visit his website: www.maxginsburg.com


  1. Hello:

    As we know very little of Max Ginsburg and are unfamiliar with most of his work, we have found this post of particular interest and have very much enjoyed looking at the paintings which you have chosen to reproduce here. They do, most certainly, give a clear insight into 'society' in our times as well as, surely, acting as a form of social documentation. Particularly striking for us is 'Going Shopping' which in the relative ordinariness and simplicity of the subject matter conveys so much in the way of meaning.

    A beautifully presented post. Thank you.

    1. You are very welcome! Another aspect about "Going Shopping" is that it is Max Ginsburg's parents who modeled for this painting. Here is what he says about that, "My parents posed for this painting eight years before they died. As they aged, my father could barely see and my mother became weak and had difficulty standing. My mother led the way and my father carried the packages. In this painting I wanted to express the insecurity and the vulnerability of older people in the streets."

    2. This is so extraordinary. And yes, the painting conveys all that the artist intended for as depicted they are seen as a pathetic couple who could be so easily dismissed which, of course, is what so often happens with the elderly in today's society.

    3. Right you are, we have become a very youth oriented society, where, from commerce to relationships all revolve and evolve around youth. I guess we forget every youth is heading towards old age, it is inevitable.

  2. Amazing works of art!
    I have tried everything to get the blog posts to update, emailed for help, in chats, videos, and blogger is a mess! I may have to go to a Wordpress format.

    An Invitation to the Garden

    1. I tried everything too but some how it does not work :( well, I will try to delete and then add your blog on my favorite list again. Hope something will work.

  3. Really amazing! I appreciate the honesty in his work. Thanks for sharing this post!

  4. Great works!
    Quess what, thanks to you i noticed that i forgot to write my post in english as well! first time ever! :D well, guess too much master thesis on my mind :) So thank you for leaving a comment :) :)