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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Boy Scouts and their car show!

As a car-classic/antique car enthusiast I try to visit car shows whenever I can. Last weekend of March, along with some friends I had the opportunity to visit to Enid. Enid is a small town approximately 90+ miles northwest of Oklahoma city. This very well organized show was a fund raising  event for and by Boy Scouts. It was a pleasant surprise for a lot of us to see some very interesting and impressive cars. But then Enid has a lot of oil and agriculture money.

Interestingly I was not very well organized as I discovered that my camera ran out of batteries after few shots, and I had no spare batteries with me. However here are a few interesting cars that would like to share. (The event was indoors and the most of the cars were parked very close , it made it difficult to get clean shot of a particular car.)

1937 Cord. The same color actor Tom Mix had


1933 Packard-1937 Cord

1937 Packard

Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster and 190SL

1973 Mercedes-Benz 450SL

Chevrolet Corvette

1912 Geronimo a car made in Enid, Oklahoma.
620+ were produced
Geronimo has hand made wooden wheels

1937 Packard 120

Ford Thunderbird
Buick wheel with chrome and white wall tire

Perhaps from the movie "Transformers"


  1. Didn't know about this show. We own a 1972 Citroën Pallas DS that we lovingly restored. John and I try to seek out unique car shows, this is certainly one.

    1. Thanks for you comment and visit. I love Citroën DS, they are such unique cars in design and technology both.

  2. Hello:

    Now this is something which we should have enjoyed immensely. For some reason, slightly unknown, we are very much drawn to vintage motor cars and, in particular, those of the inter war years. Those you show here of the 1930s are particularly appealing.

    Whilst in Montevideo at the close of last year we visited the Automobile Museum housed on the seventh floor of an office block!! There, surprisingly, was an example of one of our all time favourite motor cars, Armstrong Siddeley, manufactured, as you will most likely know, in Britain.

    We often time our visits to our flat in Brighton for the London to Brighton Veteran and Vintage Car Rally which is held annually. The finish is on the sea front just below our windows.

    1. Well now we know that you have a liking for the thirties. These cars have a lot of presence compared to the generic plastic ones we have these days. With coach builders taking pride in their work, those cars were work of art as well.

      It must be a treat to have that rally finish right in front of your flat. The quantity and quality of cars in that rally is absolutely amazing.

      In this part of the world I have yet to see an Armstrong Siddeley automobile in person, so far have seen pictures only. I think the Armstrong Siddeley Club now owns all the patents and spare parts, which is a good thing for the preservation of these fine automobiles.

  3. How divine!! I would love to go for a spin in that Chevy Corvette!!! And we have the perfect spring weather today!

    1. You are absolutely right :) today I saw a lot of cars with their tops down. It is perfect weather for a your ride in the Corvette.

  4. Pretty amazing cars and pictures! Thank you for sharing!

    1. You are welcome! I think these are supposed to be shared.

  5. Replies
    1. Yes of course, we all have some kind of affiliation and fond memories with one or the other.

  6. These are all so fabulous, I would live to have any one these amazing machines!

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