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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Art 101

Warning: If you are offended by nude figures, this post is not for you. You may leave the blog.

I discovered today that I have not done a single post on art since I started my blog two month back. It is a blasphemy, since I am an artist myself (the starving kind). So it is time to do a post on art, visual art: painting.

I like many artists from Rembrandt to Jamali, but from contemporary artists, I like Daniel Barkley's work a lot. It is different, it is serious, full of expression, very powerful.  I wish I could paint like him.

Here are some of his works. Enjoy.
"His reflection"

"Rosinate II"
"Two Grants on a motorbike"
"Cage II"
"Blue Lazarus"
"Bath III"
"Thin Ice"    
"Ship of fools II"
"Olive & Vincent"
"Conversation between St. Anthony and St. Paul"
"Deep water"
"Lost fishermen"
Picture credits: Daniel Barkley, Galerie Dominique Bouffard

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