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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Mercedes Benz Autobahn Kurier were built in 1930s to be driven on the newly built autobahn system in Germany. The first prototype Autobahn Kurier was displayed in 1934, at Berlin Motor show. Jean Bugatti was so mesmerized by the Mercedes Autobahn Kurier that he rushed to Molsheim and designed Bugatti "Aerolithe" which was later called "Atlantic". 

The Autobahn Kurier were built on Mercedes 500K and 540K chassis at the Mercedes Benz Sindelfingen plant. The cars had a streamlined design, supercharged engines, independent suspension and could attain speeds exceeding 100mph. The exact number is a mystery but not too many of these were built. These were very expensive in 1930s and extremely expensive these days, if you can find one, be prepared to pay in 7 figures.

These are very beautiful cars, very advanced for their time, they are loved at Concours d'Elegance around the world. 
At Coppa d'Oro at the 2008 Villa d'Este Concorso d'Eleganza.
Streamlined back with rectangular exhaust pipe
5.4 litre 8 cylinder engine
Wood and mother of pearl dashboard
Detail of door and seat
Car came with it's own luggage
Mother of pearl instrument panel

Not too much space for luggage in the trunk

Picture credits: Google, Christian Wimmer, Paul Russel co. etc

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  1. here's another foto of the munich based one: http://corsoclassico.com/autobahnkurier/