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Saturday, April 2, 2011


I don't like shiny new things any more, I like shiny old things instead. May be it is part of aging process, or I would say maturing ( I hope it is maturing, because some of us age but never mature!).

I prefer driving my old cars than the new ones. Pleasure I get driving my 35 year old car can not be described. My daughter thinks I neglect my new car at the cost of my old ones. All of a sudden I prefer to sit in old antique chairs and want to walk on old tattered Persian rugs. Since I am getting patina of age myself therefore I am liking everything with patina?
'am glad my beloved wife has patina spell on her too, otherwise she might have thought I have gone cuckoo.

Last night I saw pictures of a black 1957 Mercedes 300SL roadster, all original unmolested (as the car people call it). I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of it, had hard time falling asleep. The car is already sold, I just kept thinking and hoping that new money has not bought and over restored it.

Here is some patina to share, what do you think?
French Deco leather club chair
French Deco leather club chair
Pair of tufted antique leather chairs

Arm detail on the tufted leather chair
An antique leather chair is my study
Antique leather chair with embossed crest
Arm detail
English leather club chair(side)
English leather club chair
Detail and patina on the chair
Barn find 300Sl roadster
Sat in a barn for 23 years
300SL roadster at Legendary Motor cars
What do I say?
 Picture credits: Legendary Motorcars, flicker, 1stdibs.

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  1. In my home we have leather living room furniture. They're beige and not vintage which is disappointing. Vintage style is something that I couldn't convince my parents to live and buy. I very much want to get a more vintage style as an independent individual this summer.