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Monday, April 25, 2011

Tea Caddies

Tea and tea caddies came from China, where tea has been used for centuries. The earliest examples were mostly made of porcelain and in the shape of ginger jars. Later the tea caddies were made of wood, copper, silver, brass and tortoise shell. Wooden caddies were made with  multiple sections to keep various varieties of tea and usually the center section for sugar.
Once tea became cheaper, the caddies got abandoned and replaced by cardboard boxes. Tea caddies have become collectable and used for decorative purposes only. I think it is elegant to store your tea in a caddy. If you have one, try storing your Darjeeling or apple ginger tea bags in them.
Silver plate tea caddy
Sterling caddy
Silver caddy

Sterling caddy
Wood inlay caddy
3 sections with the middle one for sugar
Mother of pearl caddy

Picture credits: Google, yahoo etc.

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