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Friday, July 1, 2011

Taj Mahal (interior and gardens)

The gardens are inspired by the Persian design. There is a reflecting pool in the middle, multiple fountains, raised pathways and trees. Ali Mardan designed gardens at Taj Mahal. He is the architect of the Shalimar Gardens, located in Lahore (now in Pakistan).
In late 19th century, Taj Mahal got into disrepair; British invaders defaced Taj Mahal in 1857. They looted all the precious stones and lapis lazuli by chiseling it out, and took the real gold finial on the dome. Later British viceroy Lord Curzon ordered a restoration of Taj Mahal that was completed around 1908. All the gardens were converted to English style from the Mughal style.

Today biggest threat to Taj Mahal is from pollution. Indian Government has enforced strict emission standards four thousand mile around the Taj.
Taj floor plan
Inside main gate
Inside of dome
Detail of dome
Taj Mahal mosque interior hall
"Jali" work
Calligraphy with black marble 
Mosque interior
Detail of inlaid work

Garden view
Front gardens

credits: google, wikipedia etc


  1. Fantastic photos. Taj Mahal is definitely the most remarkable landmark in India. I recommend to everyone who has the opportunity to go and see it.

  2. Thanks for the comment. It really is a great landmark. There is no other building in the world that is the outcome of pure love for another human being. Taj Mahal is unique.

  3. very good blog and photos u shared,keep going,taj mahal is always great and unique.

  4. Thank you for liking the blog. Taj Mahal is unique that is why it is among the wonders of the world.

  5. The floor plan really helps in understanding the structure.

  6. Thank you for the effort to creating this valuable source of information. Taj Mahal Pictures

  7. I love it when you blame the British for looting Taj mahal but leave out Jats (1761) and Marathas (1770). They also looted and destroyed Taj mahal.

    Curzon restored it in his tenure as viceroy.

    1. Dear Anonymous Lord Curzon was obviously British and he restored it when he was viceroy. This too is mentioned in the above post :)

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