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Friday, January 6, 2012

Antique Silver

Last month at a party, I met this gentleman who owns couple of “cash for gold stores”, that we see pop up all over since the precious metal prices shot up.

I was stunned to hear that a lot of antique silver and even silver plate pieces are getting melted down these days in order to make money.  A lot of people are grabbing silver pieces from the antique stores and selling to these shops. The gentleman said he feels bad melting some of those antique pieces but then it is his livelihood and he can’t afford not to melt them.

So the next day I went out to save antique silver pieces, with my limited budget I did manage to buy a few sterling and a few silver-plate pieces for personal collection and also to give as gift for the holidays. I can’t save them all, but I did some. It feels good. If you can save any, please do so, it seems if the prices of precious metals keep going up, most of the antique silver will be melted away.
castillo silver plate lapis lazuli pitcher

Antique sterling+cutglass caviar dish . French

Japanese dragon motif silver bowl

Lapis lazuli silver plate candlestick c.1960

Russian silver cigarette-case

silver plate mexican water pitcher

Sterling and crystal bowl 1800s. German

Sterling tea caddy

Reed and Barton silver plate set c. 1958

sterling hunting-hound cufflinks
 Credits: 1stdibs, google etc


  1. i like thise items! dragon bowl and sterling bowl whit swan and that tea caddy is great !!! i love those!

  2. Assuming these aren't what you bought! What DID you get?! pictures?

  3. No of course these are not the ones I bought :) I bought from the local antique stores. I did not take any pictures of the ones I gave away. They were sterling cheese knives glass bowls with sterling base and a few salt and pepper shakers. (nothing outrageous) I think I had put a picture of the silver cufflinks I got in one of my previous posts. I was supposed to put pictures of some pieces I have and forgot. Well next post will be some of my rescued pieces :) how about that.

  4. great pics- well spotted! I love that cigarette case!

  5. Those are beautiful pieces. Cash for silver and gold are really very popular. You can sell some to us.