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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finesse Originals wall sculpture

First time I came across one of Finesse Originals wall sculpture was at a local antique store,  it was a piece with horses and knights on it. (similar to the picture on the left).  A few years’ back I ended up buying one at Courtyard antiques here in Oklahoma. Though this piece seems to be metal, but in reality it is fiberglass on a metal frame.

Finesse Originals wall sculpture purchased few years back, on
the wall in my home
This picture gives the scale of the wall

About a week back I bought my second Finesse Originals piece at another local antique store. But this one has a story behind it. This piece came from a family owned grocery store that recently went out of business after 122 years. Established in 1889 on the day of the famous “Oklahoma land run”, the store was located in an affluent part of town. (It is another story how the store was forced out of business by a company that has nothing to do with groceries).

Newest find 
I bought it since it is part of the local history and also part of my butter buying history, since for past several years I had bought my French butter from that grocery store, as they were the only ones to carry it. 

My previous post was on antique silver, I was asked by my blogger friend of Architect Design to post some pictures of what I got. I am including a few pictures of some small silver (sterling and silver plate) pieces that we have rescued in the past months.  We did not pay a fortune to acquire them anyway; we just got lucky and ended up at the right places at the right time.
I like both these covered dishes, they hold nuts and candy
in the living room

I am using this one as a planter, square tray was bought new
when silver was cheap 

I am proud of my purchase of this large bowl you can't buy a
plastic one for the price

Salt and pepper shakers (the candle holders are part of
existing collection)

more salt n pepper shaker

and more salt n pepper shaker

We love this silverware set serving for 24 which turned out
beautiful after a wash and some polishing
Credits: google, paisley curtain etc


  1. Your home is awesome! Great post!

    1. Indeed a beautiful display and obvious love for fine things. I was hoping for some insight on a piece I had. I won't take up space on your blog but its a finesse original and if you or anyone has any info they can share I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you. zissed@yahoo.com

    2. I am envious of your finds, and at the same time glad that they are on prominent display in your beautiful home! I, too, recently became an owner of some Knight-styled Finesse Originals and was curious if you know where I might head to learn their value. Please email me at snowy_river_gal@hotmail.com if you are so inclined.

      And if you ever decide to change your decor to another genre or theme and the above items are no longer of use to you.... I'd be happy to talk about purchasing/shipping arrangements! :)

  2. Hello:
    The wall sculptures are absolutely wonderful. We love the scale of them and you have hung the first to great effect. Such dramatic pieces and, also the link with local history makes them particularly special.

    And then, to be treated to a tour of your house and some of your glorious silver pieces. It all looks so beautifully elegant. We love the way that you contrast antique with modern, all of which serves to draw the eye and make the whole so very interesting and appealing.

  3. Jane and Lance thank you for your kind words. Our home is an ongoing project that both of us work on. We have been lucky with some of the stuff we have as I said in the post "we were at the right place at the right time".

    Best wishes

  4. I'm so glad I asked -loved seeing your collections and pictures of your house to boot!

  5. Since you asked I was obligated :) I hope it is not a disappointment, though I pay my taxes as a good citizen, I thought I put all my silver on the blog the IRS man might come knocking on my door :)

    1. hi pasley how are you i have a knight riding a horse finesse org i have had it for over 35 years,i was trying to see what it is worth thanks.

  6. Hello,

    Is great to see the perfect decoration at your home!


  7. I was gifted a Finesse Original by my mother-in-law about 15 years ago similar to the one with the two soldiers on horseback. Not knowing much about the artist, I stored it until recently purchasing my home. Now that it is visible I am told that I should insure it, is that necessary? Thanks

  8. I am glad that you have a Finesse Original piece. These pieces range between few hundred dollars to around two thousand dollars. I don't have any separate insurance on these, they are covered along with rest of the art and furniture. However keep a record (pictures etc.) You can decide if you want it to be insured separately. Then you may need to get an appraisal on the value.

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  10. Mr. Paisley Curtain...
    I have a Finesse orginal Im lookin to sell.... If intrested could u please email at lunarah05@yahoo.com... I'll gladly send u pics... Its of 9 settles and 2 horses on land.. a ship in background.. Settlers have bright highlited color on outfits.... A great piece... please let me kno!

  11. I own a Finesse Original wall hanging - 4 greek warriors
    on horseback - black background with gold flaking for
    the horses/horsemen. Do you know what it may be worth?

  12. I have a huge Finesse original of a Spanish lady dancing with patrons in the back ground . Very detailed , you will need a large wall. The color is white / off white. I get lots of compliments on it but I really need that wall for furniture. Looking to sell. If you would like a pic please email me at menaile@me.com

  13. I have the four roman horseman picture . If anyone is interested in buying it please email me pike77.rp@gmail.com

  14. Glad to find your sight.You have the Finesse Originals displayed absolutely perfect !! I just aquired one of the Zodiak with the center mirror but no good place to display? May sell.

  15. I have a Finesse Original signed by Espada. It is a very large wall hanging of a bullfight with the matador and bull. The only color is the vivid red cape and very green jacket. All else are creams and blacks. Anyone with any information to it's worth would be appreciated.

  16. My mom has a large circular object with a horse and like 4-5 men with armor on on it and at the bottom is signed Espada with like 2 triangles underneat.. Not sure what it is but if anyone knows what it might be, email me at llamas7216@gmail.com

  17. I have the Finesse original of the two knights on horseback jousting. The same one you have on the top of your page. Contact me at infamousABCDF@yahoo.com, if you or anyone you know may be interested...Thank You.

  18. i had recently purchased a Fineese Original like the one you had bought from the grocery store. Would you have any more knowledge no this piece as far as what its called, pricing ect any help would be great my email is 716Grandmasattic@gmail.com

  19. I can not find anything on this reclining roman women. Marked as finesse originals. Can u help?

    1. My email is airmanmikey68@gmail.com. Trying to include photo. Won't work.

  20. I can not find anything on this reclining roman women. Marked as finesse originals. Can u help?