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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back to East and it's colors

Well we are back to our colors from East. I had no idea how all the people and cultures in the East and frankly speaking all around the world are how connected to each other, wether we feel it or not.

Today we visit India and Pakistan, it is hard to distinguish between the boundaries..so have fun.

Jodhpur fort, India
Chhattarpur temple complex, Delhi India

Jama Masjid (Mosque) Delhi-India

Wazir Khan Mosque Peshawar-Pakistan

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Pakistan
Red Fort, Delhi, India (Built by Mughals)

Lahore Fort, Pakistan (Built by Mughals)

Camel mounted Rajasthan Guard, India 

Church of Resurrection, Lahore Pakistan

Elephant parade; Holi festival India

Hand decorated bus, Pakistan
Classical dancers, India
Folk dancers, Pakistan

Miss Pakistan

People of Kafiristan, North Pakistan 

Indian women enjoying a scooter ride
Indian bride

Female Pakistani soldier

Indian 22 Karat Jewlery

Men's fashion, India

Pakistani Fashion Show
Fashion show, Pakistan

Indian man in traditional dress

Hina on a bride, India
Traditional Indian dresses

Ice cream man, rural Pakistan
An Indian girl in Sari

I would like to thank my sources for these pictures; the bazar tumblr, google, flickr, wikipedia etc.


  1. Beautiful images. I would love to visit India in the near future. I have heard it is a country of extremes. Don't they love paisleys there? :)

    1. I did not notice that Paisleys are so popular there until you mentioned :)

  2. Hello:
    Such wonderful pictures of India and Pakistan, countries we should so wish to visit, and which convey so very accurately the colour, vibrancy, and extraordinary architecture to be found in the sub-Continent.

    1. Well the pictures are great but the emotions about visiting are mixed :) but the Indian Subcontinent is a very exotic place where cultures, religions, ethnicities, languages and races try to exist individually as well as blend into each other too. Unique it is and exotic it is.