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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Colors of South Asia

I am always intrigued by Asia and it's colorful cultures. Next few posts will be a visual diary of some of the colorful Asian cultures, especially Southeast Asia. I am hopeful that I will be able to educate myself and my friends on the blog world, about these exotic lands. In today's world we get a lot of negative coverage of some parts of the world, while researching for these posts I have discovered these lands are not that negative after all. These people are humans like us and colorful like us :)

Enjoy and keep me posted on any mistakes, omissions or for more information. (I am trying to do as much research as possible, and hoping I will be able to do do justice to these ancient cultures lands and societies through these posts).

Traditional dance by Afghan women

Young Afghan girls

Buzkashi Picture by veronique de viguerie 
Afghan boy with expressive eyes

Young Afghan girl in traditional dress

Shrine of Ali in Afghanistan (covered with blue tiles)

Minaret of Jam, Ghor Afghanistan, 203 ft high.
Built by baked bricks in 1190AD

Detail of brick work and blue tile at Minaret.
Calligraphy is from a chapter of Quran
 named after "Mary" mother of Jesus

Bhutan dragon dance

Bhutanese dancers in colorful costumes

Bhutanese boy monks

Thanks to: veronique de viguerie, google, US state dept, etc


  1. Hello,

    Al these colours are perfect to start 2013. Happy new year!

    Greetin gs

    1. Happy new year to you too hope 2013 is good for all of mankind.

  2. Beautiful photos! I was born in Vietnam, and lived there as well as Malaysia. Looking forward to this series. A colorful way to start 2013 - Thank you, my friend ~ L

    1. Hope I will be able to do a good job :). I have a mixed heritage, South Asian, Jewish and German :) very confusing :)

  3. Great pictures! Well done!

    You have German roots? That's great news. Are you able to speak german, too?

    1. My German side goes so far back that I can't speak German the only German thing left is our family coat of arms, that originates in Germany :) Some times I think this might be the reason for my love of German products :)

  4. You have a coat of arms? You can be very proud of it. It's really not common in Germany as it is reserved to aristocracy.

  5. Well I am stunned :) well I am no aristocracy :) :) I am happy to be a common person. Well it is so interesting that the world is so small, we all are connected we believe it or not.