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Monday, January 28, 2013

Harris Tweed to the rescue!

 Thanks to everyone for your kind wishes and blessings during my days of anxiety. Well how old, educated, wise, mature and of course experienced you become, you are never prepared for what life will throw at you next. Only when you are chin deep into it, it dawns on you that you are just a newly baptized baby.

Being on the Board of Directors of an organization and Secretary has it's own thrills. On a recent Board meeting I along with some fellow Board Members did voice our opinion on certain issues (In other words it is called positive criticism). It was a professional matter, but did not go well with some.

 Being a proud supporter of FEMEN to Malala Yusufzai (Teenage girl shot by Taliban for speaking to media on her right to education) always thought I was a champion of women's rights rather equality and even considered to be gender blind. Little did I know; how ignorant I was of the Feminine psyche. I love women (men I have nothing against you I love all humans, actually I love all living things) so how could I sleep peacefully when some loved ones were in pain.

Now you know how my anxiety started. It went through a week of notes, talks, emails, text messages, phone calls, resignations and a lot of drama. But thanks to your blessings and good karma it ended without any casualties.
In order to de-stress like all common people we headed towards a shopping mall, and to sooth the irritated nerves bought this Harris Tweed sports coat. (Jacket or blazer what ever it is called in your part of the world) from Brooks Brothers.

Ironic part is right after I bought it, the temperatures have shot up and for few days we are a tropical paradise. I am hoping for winter to come back soon...you know why?

All my female friends in the blog world and otherwise, I love you all, trust me, believe me. (Can you believe when I tell my mother something she goes to her daughter in law to confirm). 

A very warm welcome to all my new friends on the blog. Thanks and best wishes.


  1. Hello:
    One of the great joys, at least to us, of becoming older is that any form of anxiety or stress is, to a very large extent, no longer part of our lives. And for this we are so very, very grateful. That said, one has to work very hard to eliminate anxieties from one's life and in the situation which you describe above, we can believe that it is not always easy.

    But what splendid compensation in the form of the very fine Harris Tweed jacket.

    1. Well that is what we think too, that grey hair brought immunity towards anxieties and stress. Worrying for the next meal or other worldly :) stuff does not worry us. But now we know, causing heartache to a fellow creature (advertently or inadvertently) still causes stress :)

      Yes the tweed jacket is a life time investment, and there is hope will be wearing it by the weekend :)