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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Color of shoes

My first suede shoes that I have memory of were tan and I got them when I was six. My dad got identical suede brogues made for both of us from his shoemaker. I loved those shoes and wore them till I could fit in those. May be that is the reason I have a special fondness for suede shoes. Last night while browsing though blogosphere I saw variety of shoes, mostly suede. Here are a few that I thought were interesting.
love the bright color
very yellow and very bold but real good
like the fluorescent soles
Never seen these ones before

Picture credits: guy style guide, random in my head and other style blogs/tumblr


  1. I too love and adore suede shoes! I have a fabulous pair of dark brown suede Bruno Maglis which I adore. Lov ethe yellow!