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Friday, August 12, 2011

Katharine Hepburn's House

Katharine Hepburn’s beloved Connecticut home is on the market for $28 Million. She lived there till her passing away in 2003.

The property (on 3.4 acres) sits on the mouth of Connecticut River, in the borough of Fenwick, in old Saybrook. The Long Island Sound on the south and a pond on the north surround it.

Katharine had three musts for the interiors, Persian rugs, flowers and fire in the fireplace.

She was very fond of Persian rugs and would lay multiple rugs on top of each other on the floors.

Every room had to have flowers; she would keep them for as long as she could. If some one would remove the flowers she would say, “ you never gave them a chance”.

When she would sit in a room, there had to be fire in the fireplace, whatever the season, even if air conditioner had to be cranked up. The wood in the fireplace always had to be driftwood, no exception what so ever. 
Since it was sold in 2004 for $6 Million, the house has gone through remodeling. The current owner (who is in construction business) has changed the inside quite a bit, by knocking down walls and reducing the number of rooms. It is still 8300 sq. feet, but now has 7 bedrooms with 7 full and one half bathrooms.

It is ironic; we build houses then turn them into homes. We decorate them; we collect things and build collections all our lives. When we pass on, there is a big estate sale; people sell all that we once held dear to our hearts. Done with the estate sale, then they change the spaces we always thought were so perfect.

This is life.


Busy in her kitchen
Remodeled kitchen
The whole house looks very generic after the renovations. No trace of katharine's Persian rugs, no fresh cut flowers and no fire in the fireplace.
Final shot of "The Philadelphia Story"
with Dick Cavett
After the hurricane 

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