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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting inspired at Courtyard Antiques.

There are some places that make you feel good when you are there. In Edmond, Oklahoma, the little yuppie town I live in, Courtyard Antiques is one such place.
On a dull day, just visiting will give you inspiration.

The unique thing about Courtyard Antiques is that Barbara Nix (who co-owns the store with hubby Steve Nix) beautifully combines antiques with vintage and new pieces to give a very fresh look. So instead of having a dull antique store look, you have a unique eclectic look through which you can even visualize how to place a particular antique piece in your own space/environment.

This morning as I walked in to the store, pretty Julie Jones with her beautiful smile was there, like always greeting customers.  A few minutes later ravishing Barbara Nix joined in too. It was a pleasant surprise to see my friend Bill Nash and his better half there getting inspired too. I had a wonderful two hours, I browsed through the store, had a nice chat with Bill and Mrs. Nash and with the two lovely ladies of Courtyard Antiques. Through Barbara, I discovered that Charles Faudree’s new book has been published, which all of us Faudree fans have been waiting for.

 Here are some pictures I took to share with my blog friends, hope you will get some inspiration too.
A nook at the entrance
Wedding Armoire from the Normandy region c. 1860
Beautiful English secretary
French Walnut clock c.1820s
Black Forest cuckoo clock c. 1800s
French Trumeau c. 1840s
A unique French piece
French Comtoise clock c. 1840s
Fall decor to remind Fall is just around the corner
The lovely ladies, Barbara Nix(left) and Julie Jones  
Beautiful White Peacock (taxidermy)
A unique table lamp, product of Oklahoma
Marble top French tables
Would love to have this table lamp in the
wine cellar
French marble top table
French Hunt Cabinet 
English console table with Burmese hand
carving c. 1800s
Front of the console

Picture credits: Paisley Curtain


  1. Hello:
    We have an idea. Why not relocate to Budapest?!! What an absolutely wonderful, treasure trove of a store to have and how fortunate you are to have it on hand. Like you, we should so enjoy spending time, and most likely money, in this fascinating shop. And judging from your pictures, there is not a single item we should refuse.

  2. How very inspiring! i love the white peacock!

  3. I adore antique shops, junk shops and charity stores as you nver know what you will find. The selections you have shown are wonderful!

  4. Jane and Lance you are absolutely right, it is hard to keep your money in your pocket when you are there. I can ask Mr. and Mrs. Nix about relocating to Budapest :) or may be a sister store there?

  5. akissfromthepast, the peacock is beautiful, it seems to ready to fly away. Actually there are some very pretty taxidermy pheasants too, may be will have to do a post on them, some time.

  6. David it sure is spending time in some of the antique stores or flea markets(as we call here in America). I have had some incredible deals at times. Even if you don't buy anything it is still a lot of fun just to look at some of the incredible finds.

  7. Hello,
    There is not a single item I should refuse, everything looks so beautiful.


  8. Jerome you are right, you feel like a kid in a candy store :)